Oil and Gas Employers Promote Company Perks to Job Seekers

Friday, December 14, 2012


Companies across Canada are discovering a greater need to entice workers to choose their companies over other industry competitors, and in Calgary, oil production headquarters are a prime example of these types of organizations. Essentially, all of the region's petroleum production companies are fighting to attain the same skilled workers, and there are not enough to fill the number of open positions in various parts of Alberta.

From perks like complimentary cuisine in the office to choosing a prime location for their headquarters, the variety of benefits to keep in mind is growing by the day. When students are thinking about the next step after college, they can consider these factors during the job search:

Young students just beginning their careers find that an office's surroundings are a major factor in making the final job decision. If they receive two job offers from companies in the oil and gas sector, and one is situated in the heart of downtown Calgary while the other is in a remote location outside the city, they might have a very distinct idea of which atmosphere they would prefer. Choosing a bustling community means that after work, the opportunity to socialize and mingle with like-minded professionals could be much more prevalent. Not only can this boost their social life, but it can potentially lead to even greater job opportunities simply by connecting with others who might have the inside scoop about openings.

Health Perks
Students in their 20s and even 30s are often concerned with their physical appearance and overall health. As a result, companies are boosting their efforts to make these needs a top priority and offering gym memberships within salary packages, as well as discounts on health and wellness centres. These types of perks are slight cost concerns for employers and appear as thoughtful benefits to job seekers, making both sides of the spectrum satisfied. Some offices like BP have even rolled out a points system that workers can put toward items such as kayaks and canoes to encourage active lifestyles.

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