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Main Connect News Considering a Career in Office Administration or Office Management?

Considering a Career in Office Administration or Office Management?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Good office managers and administrators will always be in need as long as businesses exist 

Calgary, AB - August 23, 2010 - All offices need to run smoothly to be efficient and successful.  However, to run smoothly, an office administrator is essential in keeping an office environment organized and there are a wide range of positions available to those who have office admin training.

Office Admin Jobs

There are different positions that fall under the category office reception or administration jobs: office receptionist and information clerks, data entry and information processing workers, administrative assistant, secretary, executive assistant, and office management. The pay structure, skills, and level of education vary with each position. 

Skills Required for Office Administration Positions

Office admin and information clerk positions generally require strong interpersonal and business communication skills. Office receptionists are usually in charge of greeting clients. Office admin professionals must know how to write and think articulately, thus a diploma in office administration can be very beneficial. Data entry and information processing workers are responsible for entering data into different systems. Both of these positions require strong organizational and computer skills. Administrative, executive assistants and secretaries are responsible for keeping non-administrative employees organized. Both of these positions require strong multi-tasking, organizational, writing, and communication skills. 

Moving Up the Office Admin Ladder

Office managers play the role of a "manager" or "supervisor."  In some offices, office managers are responsible for managing human resources, designing office policies, and maintaining office records. Impeccable management and organizational skills are mandatory.  Strong interpersonal and communication skills are equally important. A diploma in Office Administration from Reeves College will provide you with all the skills you in need to work in any of the positions above.

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