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Main Connect News Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage of Free Cloud Resources

Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage of Free Cloud Resources

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Running a company can be expensive for anyone, and especially for entrepreneurs who are investing their personal savings into a small business. One of the biggest costs involves technology, as certain necessary resources come with high price tags, but a recent movement is making some tools available to all. 

CANARIE, which operates Canada's Advanced Research and Innovation Network, is now offering free cloud-computing resources for businesses across the nation. CANARIE and its partner organizations hope that the availability of these tools will support hundreds of new projects and businesses in Canada over the next three years, in addition to spurring advancements in the tech sector. 

"Building or even paying for computing infrastructure can be a huge cost and time impediment for high-tech innovators," said Jim Roche, president of CANARIE. "All Canadian entrepreneurs should think about how this rapid access to low-cost cloud computing can help them improve their business." 

People who have experience with these tools know how valuable they can be to a growing organization. The program is already underway, and companies can apply by outlining what their project is and what the cloud resources would be used for.

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