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Main Connect News Top 5 Reasons to Download the Reeves College App

Top 5 Reasons to Download the Reeves College App

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

What if we told you that there is a way to navigate your campus quickly and easily, all through a few taps on your smartphone? To bring this mobile-first intiative to students like you, Reeves College has created an official app for your smartphone. This new app brings people together and offers an unmatched Reeves College experience.


Wondering if our app is worth the precious space in your phone?

Here are some reasons why downloading our app is a great way to stay updated:


1, Get Exclusive Student Offers

What's better than helpful content and great offers? Personalized content and offers. The app will highlight events, services, and deals that in and around your community. Planning on expanding your network?  You can also find out about upcoming networking opportunities and events on the app.


2. Regular Updates on Campus Information

Campus updates have never been more accessible! With the Reeves College app, everything you might need to enjoy their campus life is rolled into one place – your phone. You can find out about things like snow days or schedule changes right in the app. This makes for an intuitive experience that shows you the most relevant information


3. Help and Support at Your Fingertips:

If you need help in your college journey, the app is a great place to look. You can find technical support and academic help, as well as support with managing your finances from staff. Our app is a one-stop destination for all your resources need.


4. Stay on Top of Your Deadlines:

If you are like many other students finding it hard to keep track of all the email notifications and reminders and balancing them with deadlines, the Reeves College app is here to help. Our app acts a central notification hub and communication channel to keep your busy life streamlined.


5. Find and Build a Community in Your College

When it comes down to it, this app is about connection and community. It's a digital space about you and for you. We want you to be a part of dynamic and supportive group of people who will want to share experiences and build each other up.


You can check out the app by downloading it from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.