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October 2021 Edmonton South Newsletter

It is officially autumn, which means cozy apparel, your favourite chilly weather recipes, and beautiful foliage. October also is packed with food-centric holidays, such as Thanksgiving!


National Frappe Day
October 7, 2021

National Frappe Day honours a versatile drink with numerous combinations, so there are flavours to suit everyone. Frappes typically are blended drinks made with either coffee or espresso and topped with whipped cream.

World Smile Day
October 1, 2021

World Smile Day devotes a day to smiles and random acts of kindness. If someone smiles at you, you’re bound to smile back. A smile expresses a feeling, encouragement to someone, or a greeting.

October 31, 2021

Halloween brings out the ghouls and goblins, creatures, and strange folk. They come creeping about the neighbourhood seeking favours over trickery.

People of all ages look forward to Halloween traditions.



Tag two friends in the comments that you'd share candy with and enter to win $50 worth of delicious snacks and Halloween candy each from Amazon. Runs from Oct 20-31. Full contest details on our events page!

Campus Closed on Monday October 11, 2021

Our campus will be closed on Monday October 11, 2021 for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the long weekend!

Halloween Giveaway Alert

This year we're giving away treats and no tricks! The rules are simple: Tag two friends in the comments that you'd share candy with and enter to win $50 worth of delicious snacks and Halloween candy each from Amazon. The contest runs from October 20-31. Full contest rules here.

Reeves 60th Anniversary: October 4-8

This year, Reeves College is turning 60 years old. To celebrate, we invited the founding family, staff, and volunteers to plant 60 trees at Jackie Parker Park, in honour of each year of exceptional training. Read more about this event here.

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day raises awareness and mobilizes efforts to support mental health. Mental health is a hot topic. This is good news. It means the stigma for mental health issues is slowly going away.


While being in school for a healthcare program can be overwhelming, balance can be achieved by gradually making small changes and building on those successes. Start implementing things like having a daily routine, a daily practice of writing in your journal, finding gratitude every day, etc. Here is a toolkit, specifically for college students. 

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