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January 2020 Lethbridge Newsletter

Welcome back to all the students and staff of Lethbridge! Happy 2020 to everyone!


Brain Teaser Day
January 10, 2020

A brain teaser is a form of puzzle that requires us to solve. It keeps us engaged, and hence encourages our physical stimulation by keeping our brain healthy. Come and join us in this challenge!


Workshop Day

Save the date: January 13, 2020! We will be having a Workshop Day at our campus, from 5-8pm, and featuring topics such as managing your cover letter and Excel tips.

Pie baking contest

To celebrate National Pie Day, we will be having a pie baking contest on January 23! Open to all students and staff, please bring in your most original and most delicious pie! Prizes will be awarded (in addition to bragging rights) for the winners!