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August 2018 Lloydminster Newsletter

Happy August Everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the last of summer while it is still here!




Open House
August 23, 2018

On Thursday, August 23, 2018, from 6:00pm - 8:00pm, we are hosting an open house.

National Left Handers Day
August 13, 2018

National Left Hander's Day is August 13, 2018. Embrace being left-handed!


MOA Students

We are proud of the hard work and dedication all of our students put into their studies, but this month we are highlighting our MOA students. We are proud of you all!

Enjoy Summer While It Lasts

Get outside and hang out with friends and family. Enjoy the summer months while we still got them left. 

What's Happening at Reeves College?

Summer is almost at an end, but we are all still having a blast at Reeves. We celebrated a staff birthday, national lefthanders day, and an open house on August 23rd. We are looking forward to what the upcoming fall months will entail. Stay tuned!