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Medical Office Assistant

Medical offices are fast-paced and rewarding workplaces. Medical office assistants (MOAs) need relevant, up-to-date training to thrive in this growing industry. Reeves College's 43-week diploma program trains students in the clerical and medical skills necessary to run a modern medical office.

Students are taught office skills such as keyboarding, bookkeeping and use of Microsoft Office. Students also learn medical-office-specific skills such as medical transcription, medical recordkeeping, billing software, and administering basic medical tests. Students are prepared to answer basic patient questions, as well as the fundamentals of human anatomy and diseases, pharmacology, and clinical procedures.

Students put their skills into practice during a 100-hour practicum in a medical office. In addition to their Medical Office Assistant diploma, graduates of this program will also receive a Standard First Aid Certificate and a CPR "C" Certificate.

“Before I attended Reeves College, I was a stay-at-home mom. I took the Medical Office Assistant program and I found the Medical Terminology course and the course on booking the most helpful. Reeves College helped me find a job that I love. Now I am working at a chiropractic clinic. I got hired on from my practicum.” - Dina C., Reeves College Graduate
This program is 43 weeks in length.

Job Opportunities
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Admitting Clerk
  • Emergency Room Admitting Clerk
  • Medical Secretary
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Medical Billing Clerk 

Program Courses

The program outline below is for Alberta.

Code Course Name Hours
  • SSSR Student Success Strategies 20

    • Emphasis is placed on thinking about achieving success from day one, and developing the non-technical skills to enhance personal, academic, and career success.
  • MOTR Microsoft Outlook 40

    • This course explores information using Microsoft Outlook. It will present the MS Outlook application interface, tools, and features. You will learn about the fundamentals of an email application, scheduling, calendars, contact lists, creating, forwarding and managing messages. This course relies heavily upon hands-on practical activities that allow you to learn the concepts by practicing them on a regular basis.
  • MW7R Microsoft Word 60

    • The main objective of the first part of this course is to introduce students to the basic commands, functions, and capabilities of Microsoft Office Word. In the second segment, this course will go further to introduce students (as experienced users) to some advanced features of Word in order to produce professional documents, manage large files, work with web documents, collaborate with others, or merge data together.
  • ME7R Microsoft Excel 40

    • The main objective of the first level of this course is to introduce students to the basic commands, functions, and capabilities of Microsoft Office Excel. In the second level of this course, students will begin with a review of the basic operations and then move to more advanced topics that include working with functions, customizing formatting, using drawing tools, hyperlinks, data tools, databases, cell formatting, drawing objects and customizing charts.
  • MA7R Microsoft Access 60

    • The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the basic commands, functions, and capabilities of Microsoft Office Access. Students learn how to create tables and forms and how to search for data, sort and filter data, and create and modify queries. Reports and charts can be created using the data.
  • MP7R Microsoft PowerPoint 40

    • The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the basic commands, functions, and capabilities of Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
  • B1030 Business Communications 60

    • Students will learn a variety of communication methods for the modern business office. Topics include written and oral communications, grammar, spelling and the communication process. Students will practice these elements by role-playing and through case studies.
  • M3010 Medical Terminology 80

    • Medicine, like other professions, has its own language. Students will learn to work with the specialized terminology of medicine, including the pronunciation and spelling of terms to describe medical circumstances and situations.
  • M3020 Anatomy and Diseases 80

    • Students will learn through descriptions, illustrations and exercises to identify the major anatomical features and systems of the body, and the common pathologies that can adversely affect these systems.
  • M3025 Medical Office Procedures 40

    • Students will examine the necessities required for operating a smooth and efficient office environment. Topics covered include basic filing techniques, telecommunications, time management and organizational skills and the use of general office equipment. Students will also learn the techniques of both manual and computer-based appointment scheduling by learning to assess and prioritize calls (telephone triage) to most effectively schedule the physician’s limited time.
  • M3030 Medical Transcription 60

    • Transcription is integral to the efficiency of the medical doctor’s practice, providing the documentary records on patient cases that the physician is required by law to maintain. Students will be introduced to the process of medical transcription using actual dictated medical data in different accents. The emphasis of the module is on speed and accuracy.
  • M3035 Medical Billing 40

    • All businesses need to invoice for services rendered and collect their revenues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Doctors’ revenue comes primarily from the provincial medical insurance scheme. Students will be introduced to, and practice the procedures, requirements and codes promulgated by the provincial government for the invoicing and recovery of the doctors’ fees from the provincial medical insurance plan.
  • M3045 Clinical Procedures 60

    • Students will learn techniques and procedures used to prepare and administer basic procedures and tests utilized in medical offices. Students receive First Aid and CPR certification via external training and examination.
  • M3070 Pharmacology 40

    • Students will be introduced to aspects of the administration and application of pharmaceutical drugs. Both brand name and generic drugs will be introduced. Students will develop an ability to respond to patients’ inquiries regarding prescribed medications.
  • B1075 Employment and Customer Service Skills 20

    • In the employment skills component, effective resume preparation, cover letter formats, content and phraseology will be studied and practiced. In the customer service skills component, the importance of the customer and of customer service are examined through case studies and role-playing. Students will learn relevant theories of human behaviour and how they may be applied to improve customer relations.
  • M3120 Practicum 100

    • This module is for course credits but has no grade. Students will be placed in actual workplaces related to their field of study and will be expected to act as a regular employee in order to gain the valuable “real world” experience that so many employers seek. Students are encouraged to find their own work experience placement; however, once placed, continuation in that placement is mandatory.
  • L1040 Job Search / Academic Review 20

    • Students will have the use of our Job Search lab which has unlimited Internet access, a job search resource library and a fax machine and phone for contacting prospective employers. Facilitators will also be made available to advise on job finding resources, interview skills and techniques, and to carry out mock interviews. Students review core program concepts and learning in order to market their skills effectively.

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