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Reeves College: Guiding Your Success

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Choosing a career college is an important decision in a person's professional development. Reeves College recognizes that students must select a school that suits their needs, and encourages them to consider the following points:

  • Professional Instruction: Reeves College instructors are industry-experienced professionals whose knowledge and qualifications enhance the learning process for all students.
  • Accreditation: Reeves College is fully accredited by Alberta Advanced Education and has built a solid reputation for providing market-driven training programs designed to prepare graduates for careers in health care and business.


  • Relevant Certified Career Programs: Reeves College maintains close relationships with the business and health care communities to ensure its certified career programs remain current and synchronized with marketplace demands.


  • Location: Reeves College has campuses in Lloydminster, Edmonton and Calgary. All campuses are centrally located near shops, cafes and entertainment and are easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Positive Environment: All Reeves College staff members are committed to student success. Everyone - from administration and instructors to admissions and support staff - endeavors to create a welcoming and supportive environment that facilitates learning and encourages success.
  • Small Classes: Class sizes range from 10 to 25 students at a time. Reeves College believes that smaller classes allow more one-on-one instruction for students thereby enhancing the quality of their education.
  • Learning for Success: Reeves College delivers programs on a modular basis. Programs have a number of start dates so students can embark on a career path when they are ready.
  • Hands-on Practicum and Career Placement Assistance: Practicum placement coordinators work closely with students during a five-week on-the-job-training period. They also assist students in preparing their resumes, conducting job searches and finding employment after graduation.
  • Forty-five Years in Alberta: C.J. Reeves founded the Lloydminster, Alberta Campus in 1961. He developed curriculum that enabled students to excel as administration professionals. Thanks to his high standards, Reeves College quickly gained a reputation for nurturing business professionals. Many graduates went on to successful careers in the oil and gas industry, broadcasting, banking and finance. The college remains committed to its founder's legacy and will continue to deliver superior career training for years to come.
  • The main reason to study at Reeves College is because their grads get hired. Their certified career programs are designed to give students marketable skills and make them job ready in under a year. Approximately 80 per cent of students are hired by their practicum hosts. Businesses have been impressed with employees who have graduated from Reeves and frequently contact the school when they require staff.