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Main Connect News Scholarship Named in Honour of Former Student

Scholarship Named in Honour of Former Student

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lloydminster, Alberta - An outgoing and ambitious young woman, Pam Hilderman brought a lot of positive energy to the Lloydminster campus of Reeves College. When she passed away unexpectedly in January 2009, due to complications from Crohn's Disease, her absence was felt right away.

Campus director, Krista Dansereau remembers Pam as vibrant young woman whose debating nature and sense of humor made a big impact on the lives of those around her.  

"From time to time, there are students that pass through our halls that leave an impact on everyone.  Pam was such a student. We thought [a scholarship in her name] was one small gesture we could make after her contributions to our campus," said Dansereau.

The Pam Hilderman Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student in the Legal Administrative Assistant program (the same program Pam attended). Students qualifying for the $500 scholarship must meet a list of criteria set out by her former classmates and instructors which include an outgoing, outspoken nature, ability to promote justice and fairness and a high level of commitment to both their studies and excellence in the legal profession.  

The inaugural scholarship was awarded in June 2009, to a student who made sure she knew what Pam was like before submitting her application.

"When we delivered the application criteria, we took time to talk about Pam, as this class did not attend with her. Colleen, however, took time to ask each staff member what they remembered about her and what the award meant to them. When we announced who the winner was she was surprised and emotional, partly I think from the intro speech we gave as to why she was the successful candidate. Her family, husband and children were there and started a standing ovation for her... very touching moment." Dansereau said.

The next Pam Hilderman Memorial Scholarship will be awarded in summer 2010 with the graduation of the next round of Legal Administrative Assistant students.