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Reeves Best Business College Programs

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reeves College offers choice for those looking to head to business school

Edmonton, AB - April 20, 2010 - There are a number of business programs available at Reeves. Take a look at which industries are growing and which programs will help you launch a career in these exciting areas of business!

Accounting & Payroll

The 40-week Accounting & Payroll diploma program at Reeves is perfect for those who wish to become fully qualified for positions as accounts receivable/ payable clerk, bank teller/clerk, benefits/ payroll officer or audit clerk. This business school program is great for people with an aptitude for mathematics and will prepare students for both financial and administrative careers.

Business Administration

The Business Administration programs at Reeves College train students for positions that include customer service marketing assistant, office administrator, business owner and internet/e-commerce marketing assistant. Other business administration career options available to Reeves College graduates are administrative assistant or manager, office coordinator, inventory controller, marketing assistant, and accounting/bookkeeping assistant.


The Hospitality program is tailored for students who are seeking a career in travel & trade, events & conferences, adventure tourism and recreation, food & beverage services, tourism and ecotourism services and transportation attractions. The skills learned in the Hospitality program are transferrable to jobs across the country and around the world.

Oil & Gas Administration

The Oil and Gas Administration diploma program teaches strong communication, business administration and computer skills. This business program is perfect for those looking to take the first step towards a career in the oil and gas industry.

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