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Paralegal Terms Glossary

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Paralegal training programs familiarize students with legal jargon

Calgary, AB - April 29, 2010 - Each career field has its own vocabulary, and paralegals are no different. The following is a short list of words and phrases that every paralegal will learn and become familiar with through their training.

Litigation:  A matter, controversy or lawsuit that goes before court. Litigation is one process in which people settle disputes.

Interrogatories:  These are formal requests for information sent from one litigant to the opposing party. Paralegals are sometimes responsible for gathering the information from the client, organizing the information and preparing the responses for the answers to interrogatories as well as preparing the interrogatories to submit to the opposing party.

Discovery: This is a part of the pretrial phase that includes interrogatories, motions or requests for production of documents, requests for admissions and depositions. Paralegals are responsible for preparing for discovery and gathering the information and documents necessary.

Document Terms and Uses: Paralegals are also trained in document preparation and when each document is used. Some of the documents that paralegals may become familiar with are Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directives and Wills.

The paralegal vocabulary goes well beyond these few terms, but part paralegal training is becoming familiar with these terms and others. Paralegal training will also help you acquire all of the knowledge necessary for your career in the legal field.

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