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Main Connect News Business Insurance to Ensure Your Success

Business Insurance to Ensure Your Success

Monday, September 13, 2010

Programs at Reeves College help business owners how to properly protect their assets with business insurance

Edmonton, AB - September 13, 2010 - Knowing your business is one thing, knowing your business is protected is another. Business insurance can help many business owners protect everything they've worked for. Whether running a home based business, farm, or high-tech company; business insurance can protect you, your employees, your home and your lifestyle.

Business Liability Insurance

As the sole owner of a company, your business relies on you to do the work. With personal and business interruption insurance you can protect your company's earnings if you become sick or injured. If you're a professional, you should also consider business liability insurance - malpractice insurance for those in the healing professions or error and omissions insurance for business professionals.

Small Business Insurance

Often sole proprietors and contractors set up their small business in their home and are not aware they need to add small business insurance extension on to their existing homeowner policy. This is especially important for business owners who store products in their homes and when people come to work or do business at their home.

Other Business Insurance Protection

A fire, theft, equipment breakdown or lawsuit can stop your business cold and create uncertainty for you and your employees. Even a farmer needs protection against accidental contamination of crops. Insurance coverage can protect you and your company and provide the funds you need to hold on to your business.

Whether you plan on starting your own business, have become an accidental business owner, are in the midst of upgrading your skills with business programs offered at Reeves, or have fallen into business ownership with sheer determination; business insurance is all about protecting you, your income stream, your assets and your dream of self-employment. 

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