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Main Connect News Strengthening Your Career Weaknesses

Strengthening Your Career Weaknesses

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Filling resume gaps and strengthening your career weaknesses isn't as hard as you think

Calgary, AB - October 27, 2010 - When putting together your resume, tailor it to your audience by thinking about what they would like to read. Your resume is more than just a summary of your education and experience; it is a succinct document on how your education and experience have prepared you for the job; highlighting your key achievements and demonstrating your successful career succession.

Identify Your Career Weaknesses

The reality is that your resume may highlight weaknesses such as gaps in your work timeline, job hopping, and lack of experience in certain areas. You can turn these career weaknesses to your advantage though, ultimately making you an ideal candidate.

Filling Resume Gaps

Gaps in Employment - Explain a gap longer than two months as time spent gaining new skills, volunteering, travelling, going to school or pinpointing the role which you are best suited for. This is especially true if you were downsized and experience a long period out of work, finishing your studies and are searching for a job where you can excel in.

Job Hopping - Switching jobs on a regular basis leaves many asking why you want to change and whether you will commit to the new job. It also shows adaptability, comfort in new situations and ease with working with new people. You bring a wealth of experience and skills across many different industries and are ready for new challenges. Focus on the positive when applying for new jobs.

Inexperience in Specific Area - No one person will have 100% of the qualifications, so focus on the skills you have acquired through training and explain how they are transferable to the job you are seeking. Weave a story or two into your cover letter or interview that showcases how your skills match those outlined in the job description. Also include any volunteer work experience or practicums that you have.

Turn a Career Weakness into a Career Positive

Above all, be honest and be yourself. Don't be tempted to embellish facts or fudge your resume to impress as companies check references and confirm facts. It is better to stay confident, because your new skills, including those gained at Reeves College, will land on the job most suited to you.

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