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Main Connect News Students See Future Benefits of iPads in the Classroom

Students See Future Benefits of iPads in the Classroom

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

iPads offer yet another advantage to Reeves College students

Edmonton, AB –
August 31, 2011 - Students at Reeves College know that small class sizes, professional instructors and career services resources are key elements to a successful career after graduation. Add knowledge and skills in cutting-edge technology to the mix and these students become top candidates for jobs in business, healthcare, legal, and art and design industries.

The launch of iPads at Reeves College this fall gives all students an opportunity to learn within a new, interactive classroom environment. Reading, note-taking and studying is conducted on an iPad, and over the course of an academic program, students will become well-versed in how to quickly navigate and operate programs on the iPad.

Professionals in business and healthcare industries are already utilizing iPads in the workplace for entering data, conducting presentations, accessing customer or patient information, and viewing documents, among other things.

Arts and design professionals can take pictures, edit video and draw on the iPad, benefiting from its lightweight design and portability.

Reeves graduates entering their new career fields will find that their training will instantly set them apart from the competition, giving them an edge in finding a job they’ll love.

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