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Main Connect News How to Use Your iPad to Stay Organized

How to Use Your iPad to Stay Organized

Friday, September 16, 2011

The iPad can help keep you on top of all your school work!

Calgary, AB
- September, 16, 2011 - Savvy college students know that the first step to getting organized lies right at their fingertips. With countless iPad apps and built-in features to help keep track of class schedules, appointments and contacts, it’s no surprise that the iPad has become the hottest personal organizer for students.

So how can you use your iPad to stay organized? Check out the following iPad features and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an organizational powerhouse.

Stay on schedule with the iPad calendar. This app provides a handy onscreen daybook you can use to set up appointments with alerts to remind you.  You can also sync Calendar with your computer or iPhone, so you don't have to make duplicate entries.

Keep in touch with Contacts; a built-in address book feature for the iPad. Use this app to enter contact information (including photos from your Photos app) and share contact information via e-mail. You can also use a search feature to find contacts easily. Sync it with your iPhone or computer to save you tedious reentry of information.

is a simple notepad app where you can enter text or cut and paste text from a website or emails. You enter info into Notes using the onscreen keyboard.

With iBooks, you can download books, highlight passages, or take notes. You can also read, organize, and print PDFs — ideal for class handouts, research papers and more.

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