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Main Connect News $67 Billion Investment Sees Mining Industry Bringing Jobs to Alberta

$67 Billion Investment Sees Mining Industry Bringing Jobs to Alberta

Friday, November 18, 2011

With much of the country investing in its energy production infrastructure, pursuing a career in oil and gas administration is an increasingly wise decision for students. In a recent statement from Pierre Fratton, the president and CEO of the Mining Association of Canada, claimed that the mining industry could invest up to $67.7 billion in the Alberta area over the next five years, bringing substantial revenue to the region – and a wealth of jobs as well.

This announcement comes off the back of substantial growth in the province's oil sands industry, which grew by roughly 16 per cent between 2009 and 2010. This success was shared across the board, as Alberta's mining industry grew to encompass 140,000 employees in 2010 - with analysts predicting continued growth in that number over the coming decade.

"Multi-billion dollar investments are planned in both new and existing projects in virtually every province and territory of Canada, bringing significant economic benefits, and Alberta is set to be a major player," Gratton told the press.

Students hoping to be a part of this growth should enroll in oil and gas administration programs with Reeves College to better prepare themselves for a role in this exciting industry. To get started on this career path, simply fill out the form to your right.