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Main Connect News Paralegals May Find Alternate Career Paths Helping Clients With Their Finances

Paralegals May Find Alternate Career Paths Helping Clients With Their Finances

Friday, November 18, 2011

Though most students enrolled in paralegal courses will likely end up in traditional legal fields, the discipline is actually quite versatile and prepares students for positions in a number of diverse areas. One career option that many have not considered is work advising people of their finances.

The Calgary Herald recently profiled Coady Cormier, a will and trust lawyer and Calgary native, who has spent the past 13 years working to help his clients protect their money and avoid plunging into debt. In his career, Cornier has counseled more than 1,000 clients who are worth more than $5 million, with his more recent clientele reaching into the $50 million range.

Cormier's background in legal training provides him with a wealth of knowledge that allows him to effectively help his clients manage their money. An understanding of the laws pertaining to mergers and buyouts; having a familiarity with court costs and average settlement amounts; and an in-depth knowledge of legal issues as they pertain to familial relations and business partnerships are all distinct advantages that come from paralegal training that could serve students well when working in will and trust law like Cormier.

Will and trust law is just one of the many branches of law that you may find yourself in with a paralegal diploma from Reeves College. To get started on the path to you new career, fill out the form to your right.