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Main Connect News It Takes Education and Courage to Start a Business

It Takes Education and Courage to Start a Business

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Students who hope to start their own company one day know that the information they learn in business classes will help them launch their own endeavors. And while a great education is integral to launching a new business, a recent article in the Calgary Herald claims that another important factor in starting a new company is courage.

Launching a new company is a time-consuming process, and will require an entrepreneur's undivided attention. Pursuing this dream will require them to step outside of regular working hours – and a regular paycheque – to devote time towards this process. This is especially true considering that the U.S. Small Business Administration reports that more than half of small businesses in that country fail in their first five years.

There are ways to make your endeavors succeed, though. The Herald polled a number of small business owners in the Calgary area and found four common themes that led to their success. Doing what you love, investing in the right equipment, defining a market early and networking with similar professionals were all listed as essentials for a growing business.

Of course, while these factors will help a business grow, the most important step towards starting a company is a strong education. Would-be entrepreneurs can get started on this path by enrolling in business management courses at Reeves College. Simply fill out the form to the right to begin.