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Contact the Law Firm Directly for Paralegal Information

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One question that many paralegal students can highly benefit from asking is "how did you attain your first paralegal job?" While some answers may include uncontrollable factors such as luck or pleasant timing, other professionals may reveal a response as simple as, "I dropped my resume off at the law firm."

While searching various regional job openings online can help students gain an idea of which companies are hiring and for what types of positions, that may be as far as the internet searching takes them. Even if a firm is not hiring, students who take initiative and introduce themselves to employers may stand out in their minds when an entry level position does open down the road. In some cases, a law agency may specifically request for applicants not to submit their applications in person, so students should respect their guidelines and submit accordingly.

Not only can law firms be an efficient place to contact for jobs, but students can also seek out solo law practitioners and inquire about possible openings. This alternative is often overlooked because of the traditionally small size of a practitioner's office. Even part-time work could be valuable to fresh paralegal graduates in search of some experience in the field, especially while they are still enrolled in classes. To gain the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a paralegal career, enroll in courses at Reeves College. Fill out the form on the right to begin.