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Main Connect News Strong Customer Service Skills Are An Asset in Business Careers

Strong Customer Service Skills Are An Asset in Business Careers

Monday, May 14, 2012

Good customer service is a common requirement in many business administrative positions. Those who excel in communications and collaborating with others may also have a knack for customer relations. Whether they're handling inquiries over the phone, assisting customers in person or solving problems through email, business administrative professionals who deal directly with the public will find that strong customer service skills will be an asset on the job.

Handling client problems is an important aspect of customer service. Quite often, this involves listening to clients, identifying the problem, proposing solutions and resolving issues altogether, within the established guidelines and policies. After all, client satisfaction is one of the main goals of customer service.

Customer service responsibilities will vary from businesses, but the necessary traits remain the same. The ability to listen, solve problems and communicate effectively are all crucial elements to maintaining good customer relations. And good customer relations are essential to the success of most businesses.

Customer relations is just one component of the Business Administration/E-commerce Management program at Reeves College. Other topics in the 43-week program include sales, marketing, accounting fundamentals, business communications and more. For more information, fill out the form on the right.