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Main Connect News Improve Your Job Hunt Through Online Research

Improve Your Job Hunt Through Online Research

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From time to time, job seekers will encounter anonymous postings. Whether it's through a recruiting firm or a posting on Craigslist, companies may choose to only reveal the duties, responsibilities and required qualities of the candidate without identifying themselves. While this can make it difficult to tailor a resume and cover letter to a specific employer, job seekers can work around anonymous postings with a little online research.

When a student comes across one of these unidentified postings, they can extract one distinctive phrase or paragraph from the listing and enter it into a Google search. If the results indicate that company is hiring, this is a great opportunity to check out their website and learn more about them.

Along with learning about the company, job seekers can also look for the name of the department or manager that's hiring in order to tailor their application materials position. Online research may also help them determine if the company is the best fit for them, especially if the position is at a large agency instead of a small, private office.

With some online research, anonymous job postings don't have to be stumbling blocks to a successful job hunt. Students can start their job searches while enrolled in career training programs, including the Legal Administrative Assistant and Paralegal programs at Reeves College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.