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Main Connect News Generation-Y Students Take Extreme Measures to Land Dream Jobs

Generation-Y Students Take Extreme Measures to Land Dream Jobs

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In today's world, the methods of applying for a job are limitless, from traditional cold calls and showing up at the office with resume in hand to designing a website addressed specifically to the desired employer. Business professionals can show hiring managers their knack for creativity and ultimately highlight how they can help transform the business into a 21st-century mega-company by using unique application approaches.

Sometimes, all it takes is that one email or phone call. According to Business Insider, one recent college graduate named Megan Towe was unsatisfied with her first job out of school, and took it upon herself to make a change. She contacted a well-connected investor and much to her luck, he was available later that week.

Charlie O'Donnell, the business leader, was impressed with Towe because of her genuine personality, professionalism and strong initiative. After O'Donnell connected Towe with another startup leader, she sent him a handwritten thank-you note the next day - always a smart move when meeting any professional connection. Within a month, Towe landed a job as the ninth employee at online company LiveIntent.

Whichever method business students use to land their ideal job out of college, they should make sure to stay true to their career values and remember the principles they consider crucial to a company's foundation. Students can gain a valuable education from the Business Administration E-Commerce Management program at Reeves College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.