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Search for the Right Fit with Your Employer

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finding the right employer should involve more than receiving an impressive salary offer. Like most professionals, legal assistants and paralegals should also be looking for the right cultural fit when they begin the job hunt. The recent Hays Quarterly Report from April - June 2012 showed that fitting in with the workplace culture is just as important to job seekers as it is to employers.

The report claims that some employers may prefer to choose a candidate who has the right personality and career principles but not necessarily the skills listed in the job's requirements. Instead, these employers opt to train their new hires on the essential technical skills after picking them for the position.

Companies opt for the cultural fit because it can better ensure a long-term commitment from their employees, knowing that they feel comfortable in the workplace. It may also inspire employees to grow within the company instead of looking elsewhere.

Those pursuing careers in the legal field should consider the search for the right cultural fit when conducting their job searches. Similarly, students enrolled in the Legal Administrative Assistant or Paralegal program at Reeves College should keep this in mind as they prepare to field. For more information on these programs, fill out the form on the right.