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Main Connect News Use an On-Campus Network to Develop a Career Plan

Use an On-Campus Network to Develop a Career Plan

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Students who pursue education to excel in their careers are fortunate to have a variety of helpful resources readily available to them through their college campus. Many schools offer a supportive network of faculty members and knowledgeable professionals who will assist students with financial aid opportunities, practicum placement suggestions or class schedules that will help them complete complete their education and start their careers.

In today's competitive job market, achieving excellence is directly proportional to the amount of effort a student puts into their coursework, networking and job search. When students visit their school's career services center, they can also discuss their long-term career plan with experienced professionals.

According to Leandra Harris, the executive vice president of human resources for Randstad Canada, the most successful professionals recognize who they are and are capable of identifying their strengths and values within the workplace. Students pursuing careers in the oil and gas industry may possess strong marketing instincts and strategy ideas for the petroleum sector but also are aware of how important effective business communication is within any field. As a result, aspiring professionals can work to improve their interaction with others and let their marketing skills shine.

Those who wish to dive headfirst into the petroleum industry can enroll in business courses like those in the Oil and Gas Administrative Assistant program at Reeves College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.