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Main Connect News Stay Confident When Making a Career Change to the Oil and Gas Industry

Stay Confident When Making a Career Change to the Oil and Gas Industry

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When making a major life change, it's natural to feel a mix of emotions: excitement, anxiety, relief and even sometimes sadness.  A career change is typically something that individuals have spent much time thinking over before taking the plunge. Still, career changers should take the proper steps to manage their transition appropriately and be successful in their new careers.

Business professionals who are considering making the leap to the oil and gas industry should be excited about the possibilities to be found within the sector. Petroleum production and exporting is one of the most lucrative businesses in Canada, and major growth is expected in the next decade. Students and recent graduates can pursue administrative positions at the leading oil and gas companies and learn about the behind-the-scenes production process while working on the financial side of things.

While career changers may initially be doubtful, they have to learn to trust themselves in the beginning steps of their new career. It often takes some time to adjust to a new position, learn how to properly interact with coworkers and understand how to work unfamiliar software or other tools. The best thing for professionals to do is remind themselves that the adjustment could take time, patience and much energy. Making mistakes in the beginning is a given, and often can be the best way to learn how to properly execute tasks efficiently.

Even if their previous positions are drastically different from their new roles, career changers can rely on their existing skills to help them succeed in their new environment. Whether they pull from prior experiences to manage communication issues, perform damage control with a dissatisfied client or teach other colleagues a computer program, past experience is always an asset when starting in a new field.

When individuals make a career move that challenges them more than their last job, they may experience some stress. Whether they feel overwhelmed while they are taking business courses to prepare for their new change or when they have started the job search for an oil and gas administrative role, they can calm their emotions by asking for help from their instructors, peers or family members. Additionally, they should always make sure to balance their career and their outside-of-work lives to include healthy habits and social activities.

Those who are ready to make the change and wish to start with a strong education in the petroleum sector can enroll in business courses like those in the Oil and Gas Administration program at Reeves College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.