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Main Connect News Investment in Gas and Oil Increases in Canadian Prairies

Investment in Gas and Oil Increases in Canadian Prairies

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Canada's Prairie region has successfully taken the lead in oil and gas investment out of all regions in the nation, according to participants of the Global Petroleum Survey, which was recently released by the Fraser Institute.

While Manitoba topped the list, Saskatchewan and Alberta also fared well in the survey, showcasing that the nation as a whole is the right place to invest in the oil and gas industry.

According to senior economists at the research center, the provinces in this region are helping to pave the way for generations to come, ensuring a prosperous future for families across the country. 

Each year, the Global Petroleum Survey helps rank and measure the barriers to investment in various regions that produce great amounts of oil and gas. The poll questioned 623 respondents from 529 companies and 147 jurisdictions, aiming to provide the most comprehensive data to petroleum industry executives annually.

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