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Main Connect News Nail a Job Interview by Showing Enthusiasm and Commitment

Nail a Job Interview by Showing Enthusiasm and Commitment

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Job interviews can be stressful for even the most experienced of workers. Many topics are considered taboo to discuss with hiring managers, while other times meeting with a recruiter can feel like catching up with a close friend. Aspiring legal administrative professionals never know what their next interview might entail and how they'll connect with the employer on the other side of the table. One topic that many job seekers want to approach, but are often afraid to, is the work-life balance issue and whether or not the given company emphasizes its importance to its employees.

Those who are aspiring to be professionals in the legal industry, whether as a paralegal or legal administrative assistant, may be curious about their potential employer's outlook on achieving a balance between work responsibilities and an employee's personal life. While this matter is important to those starting their careers, it is often not the best idea to present this topic in an initial interview. Most employers understand the need for a separation between life and work, but when they think a candidate is more concerned about how much time their future jobs will take out of their days, they may be turned off by the idea of employing them altogether.

Instead, future legal administrative professionals can inquire about connect remotely if necessary. Whether professionals use their smartphones, portable tablets or laptops, they can often access their office networks from any remote location, and many employers appreciate a job-seeker's willingness to help out even when they are not technically punched in.

Law firms in particular have reported to be flexible on the amount of time individuals spend physically in the office, according to the Financial Post. When  attending interviews, job seekers can impress the interviewer by asking questions about the types of networking programs they use, to show their eagerness about staying connected with their potential team even when they find themselves on the road or at home in the evening.

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