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Main Connect News Become a Paralegal with Help from a Mentor

Become a Paralegal with Help from a Mentor

Friday, February 8, 2013

Everyone needs a mentor, no matter which line of work a person chooses to follow. Whether you're an aspiring teacher or a legal professional, learning the ropes with the guidance of a seasoned professional is a great way to learn how to be successful and productive in your field from someone who's already excelled in a similar role.

While you might think finding a friend to be your mentor is a wise option, the opposite can actually be more effective at times. Here are a few tips to finding the right mentor as you learn the ropes of the legal sector.

Find a Respectful Colleague
Being best friends with your mentor is not necessarily a requirement, but respecting each other is a must. When you're looking to apply yourself in the legal field, one of the top priorities is to come off as a credible professional, and to become one, you can emulate a lawyer or supervisor that already has won the trust of several clients.

Opposites Attract
Although it may seem beneficial to find a mentor who has the exact same skill set as you, you can actually learn a great deal more from someone who has followed a completely different professional path. If you're studying to become a paralegal, consider talking with a handful of workers with different roles - a lawyer, a partner of a firm or a legal administrative assistant. By discovering how each part of a law organization works, you can improve your own work ethic and even show supervisors how you can assist with extra tasks.

Motivator, Not a Nay-Sayer
When you start out your career and enroll in legal courses, you likely already know the path is not going to be the easiest. Classes can be tough, your schedule can feel hectic and finding a job may take longer than you expected, but the payoff at the end is well worth it. During these obstacles, it's better to have someone cheering you along than reminding you of the negative aspects of your career path. Make sure you find a mentor that will inspire you to carry on rather than give up halfway through.

If you're thinking about becoming a legal professional, you can enroll in paralegal courses at Reeves College and start thinking about who can help guide you through the process. For more information, fill out the form on the right.