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Accomplish More With Efficient To-Do Lists

Friday, February 15, 2013

Facing a long list of tasks that need to get done before a deadline can be incredibly intimidating, especially if the items pile up and put workers under a deadline crunch. However, there are a few ways workers can create to-do lists to help them more efficient on the job.

Canadian consultant Sam Geist recommends adding a special section to a to-do list, labeled "If I only have time to do," The Globe and Mail reports. This task is intended to be a reward for hard work throughout the day, so workers can make it anything they want - improving a skill, reading a book of interest or doing personal research can all qualify. Once an individual has crossed the necessary items off of their to-do list, they can move on to something they want to do.

There are several other ways workers can break down a to-do list to make it more manageable. AOL Jobs suggests creating a "not to-do list," which would be a compilation of the things employees need to refuse to do throughout the day. Items would vary from one person to another, with some people choosing to omit time spent on social media sites or gossiping with coworkers. While staying away from the habits on this list may be easier said than done, employees can work on decreasing the time spent on these items each day, and eventually they can reach the point where they are more efficient than previously because they are aware of their time traps.

Business workers can also try to break up the items on their to-do list to make even the largest task appear more manageable. Attacking smaller chunks of a project, each of which should take between 20 minutes and an hour, can help individuals get through their responsibilities without the stress that normally goes along with important projects.

Prioritizing tasks to attack the biggest or most difficult at the start of the day can also be helpful, as then workers have more time to devote to the items. Once they are completed, the lesser jobs that fill the rest of the day will seem like less of a struggle, and it will be less likely that workers fall behind in important projects, as they won't be procrastinating time-consuming responsibilities.

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