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Benefits of Attending a Private Post-Secondary School

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Edmonton, AB – March 19, 2013 – There are a number of options for students looking for post-secondary education in Alberta, including public universities, colleges, technical institutes and vocational schools. Private career colleges are also a viable choice. While the word private is usually associated with being elite or exclusive, these schools are anything but. They’re accessible to anyone who is looking for career-based training. Here are a few reasons why students choose to attend private colleges.

No Waiting Lists
Unlike public institutions, private colleges rarely have waiting lists. Instead of running on a term or semester system, most programs are taught in course modules. This system allows the college to offer multiple start times each year, instead of September or January.

Small Class Sizes
Class sizes at private colleges are usually smaller than public colleges and universities. Rather than having to sit in a large lecture hall or lab, private colleges offer a more intimate setting that allows students to get to know their instructors and fellow classmates. Chances of getting to know students from other programs are greater, as well, because private college campuses are smaller and more community-oriented.

Industry-Experienced Instructors
Instructors may also be a reason some students choose to go the private route. Instructors at private colleges are usually industry-experienced professionals and most still work in the field they teach. As working professionals, the instructors can use their experience to add a perspective and dimension to the curriculum and enhance the learning process so students know what to expect once they enter the industry.

Finish Faster
Most career college programs are designed to give students hands-on training so they can enter the job market quickly. They also operate on the continuous delivery model which helps students get out quicker. While their friends are still in the classroom, career college grads can be working and earning a living in their new careers.

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