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Main Connect News Addictions & Community Services Worker Program Arrives at Reeves College

Addictions & Community Services Worker Program Arrives at Reeves College

Monday, January 5, 2015

Reeves College Is Accepting Applications to the 44-Week Diploma Program

Edmonton, AB and Lloydminster, AB – January 5, 2015 – The Addictions and Community Services Worker diploma program is now available at Reeves College’s Edmonton City Centre and Lloydminster campus.

Being an Addictions and Community Services Worker is a demanding but rewarding career choice suited for compassionate, passionate, and resilient individuals. These professionals face a cornucopia of challenging situations on a regular basis with cases including from alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence, and more.

Reeves College’s program educates its students on the fundamentals of addiction, relapse prevention and intervention, how to effectively work with families, interview techniques, and more. Facing unique cases on a daily basis, classroom education is now enough. Upon finishing their classroom courses, students are required to complete a mandatory field placement where they will hone in on the theories learned in the classroom and adapt them to real-world situations.

“Before attending Reeves College, I was not doing anything significant and wanted a change in careers,” says Reeves College graduate Marley C. “I learned a lot of new skills, updated old ones, and found it very beneficial in my practicum. The instructors and staff guided and supported me and helped me achieve what I always wanted. Two days into my practicum, I was offered a job. I feel now that I am in charge of my life.”

Social services workers experience significant amount of mental and emotional fulfillment as well as stress in their jobs. In such a tense environment, these professionals are at risk of suffering secondary traumatic stress, which is why the program includes a self-care course so students can help others as well as themselves.

Graduates from the 44-week Addictions and Community Services Worker diploma program can seek employment opportunities in social services agencies, group homes, correctional and community mental health centres, facilities for the physically developmentally handicapped, and more.

For more information on the program, click here or call 1-877-404-5848.