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Main Connect News Legal Programs at Reeves College offer opportunities for individuals looking to excel in law admin

Legal Programs at Reeves College offer opportunities for individuals looking to excel in law admin

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pursue a career in the legal industry with solid earning potential

Legal support staff are an integral part of any organization. While a common career path is to work in law firms and law offices, those trained in the legal industry also have the possibility of working in-house with job prospects in several sectors, including banks, educational institutions, investment firms, marketing firms, and financial services.

Reeves College legal programs can help set you on the path to a career in the legal industry. Our legal programs will provide you with the administrative skills and legal fundamentals you’ll need to excel in a law office. The programs cover industry-specific topics such as wills and estates, real estate and conveyancing, corporate and commercial law, civil litigation, and more. You’ll also gain specialized knowledge of the Canadian legal system, legal institutions, and the structure of the Canadian court system.

With job-readiness firmly in mind, Reeves College’s curriculum is developed with insight from those in the field. The program also covers The Doctrine of Precedent, along with current issues and developments in Canadian law.

“Here at Reeves we have smaller class sizes, so this allows for a more hands-on approach to theory,” says Lynn Connelly, Legal Assistant instructor at the Edmonton campus. “While most of our modules are lecture and reading intensive, we focus on learning the tried and true principles of justice. We are able to discuss controversial issues and learn about how the principles are applied to individuals – such as you and I – and the effect of seemingly far-reaching ideals upon our daily lives.”

Strong earning potential is a prime concern when considering a career change, and the legal field offers an attractive outlook, with legal assistants earning a median wage of $30/hr. According to a Deloitte report, Canadian Legal Landscape 2017, the largest legal departments are in financial services, the public sector, and transportation and infrastructure making it  a versatile career path for those trained in the field.

Reeves College is now accepting applications for the Legal Assistant and Legal Administration programs.  Fill out the Request Info form on your right to learn how you can get started today.


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