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Main Connect News Reeves College student promotes alcohol-free fun

Reeves College student promotes alcohol-free fun

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Kaitie Degen wants everyone to know that alcohol doesn’t need to be part of a fun night out with friends at a bar or restaurant.

The Reeves College student is behind a new initiative called Sober Saturdayz. The goal is to give young people an opportunity to enjoy social events without feeling pressure to drink.

“It’s important for me to create a community where people can openly talk about drug and alcohol consumption in order to learn about their own limits and gain the confidence to say ‘no’ when it is appropriate for them,” she says.

Degen says she grew up in a home where alcohol use had a negative impact, and she has struggled with her own drinking.

“I don’t want anyone to feel as lonely as I have at times.”

Helping people feel better is important to Degen. In fact, she is studying towards an Acupuncture diploma at the Reeves College Edmonton City Centre campus. Once she graduates, she has big plans.

“I want to own my own practice, practice energy work, practice yoga, practice acupuncture, and help people live to their fullest potential,” she says.

When not studying, Degen is busy organizing the first-ever Sober Saturdayz event. It will be a “daytime disco” at El Cortez in Edmonton on August 25th, 2018.

Degen says her main message to people is to be open about how alcohol is affecting them.

“Be supportive with one another about not pressuring drinking,” she says. “And really take time to listen to your body and think about how things will affect you long term.”

Learn more at sobersaturdayz.ca