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Main Connect News How to Stay Productive while Studying from Home

How to Stay Productive while Studying from Home

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

While studying and attending classes from home may seem like an easier option than getting dressed and packing your schoolbag, you also may also want to account for likely distractions, including household members talking loudly, emanating TV sounds, constant trips to the kitchen or fridge, and much more.


How do you ensure to maintain focus and limit the number of distractions? Read our article and find out below!


Use headphones

Whether they’re used to cancel noise or play subtle background music, headphones can be very helpful in blocking out excess noise. These are especially useful when there’s an abundance of shared space, and your study location is in a common area, where the TV or other household members may be conversing, using the phone, etc.


Get dressed

It might be more fun to work out of your robe or pajamas, but it probably won’t help your concentration. Studies have shown that people who take the extra measures to “get ready” for work, including showering, styling their hair, and putting on business attire are more likely to have better success with daily productivity. So when you’re ready to study, at the very least, make sure to put on some pants!


Take breaks

Set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to get up and stretch every hour. Studies show that increasing your blood flow has proven to help with mental focus and concentration. In addition, you may choose a more vigorous activity for longer study breaks. Try going for a walk outside, do a home workout, or attempt another physical activity.


Limit multitasking

Try to limit other activities, such as Netflix, computer games, social media, texting, and more to study breaks only. If you try to do too many things at once, you’ll notice that the quality of your mental focus and ability to retain new information will decrease. By ensuring your “study time” is just for studying, it will better help you to better replicate the concentration you would have had in-class.


Set goals

The best way to complete tasks is to set goals for yourself. Have a list of items you want to accomplish each day, and gain the satisfaction of crossing each item off your list as you complete them. Sticking as closely as you can to your goal list will help to ensure you stay on-task and motivated.