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Main Connect News What Does a Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator Do?

What Does a Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator Do?

Friday, November 13, 2020

Have you ever wondered where you can work after training in human resources and payroll? This is a rewarding career path that opens the doors to many opportunities in today's economy. No matter the size of a company, every business needs human resources professionals to thrive. Employees in this field are seen as a valuable commodity and allow businesses to run smoothly and efficiently.


Human resources and payroll coordinators can work in a range of workplace settings such as public and private companies, federal and provincial governments, payroll administration companies that outsource services, or even in self-employment.


Choosing this career also offers a range of career opportunities from an accounting clerk, to benefits officer, to human resources officer, to wage and salary administrator and more. As a human resources and payroll coordinator, you can combine multiple disciplines, from accounting to administration, human resources, and payroll.


Your duties on the job may include maintaining and updating employee information. Then your next task may be preparing employee pay, benefits, allowances, deductions and more. In addition, you will be familiar with preparing statements of earnings, T4 slips, employment records, and year-end filings. Along the way, you’ll use industry-standard accounting software such as Sage 50.


Working with a wide range of personalities within the workplace will require you to have good communication skills to complete your job functions effectively. Talent acquisition and the recruiting of new employees is also another common responsibility in this role.


Reeves College’s Human Resources and Payroll Coordinator diploma program can equip you to be career-ready with valuable knowledge and experience.


Upon graduating from the Human Resources and Payroll Coordinator program, you will become eligible to access the CPA-Payroll Compliance Practitioner Program (PCP).


Are you ready for a fast-paced career helping businesses thrive? If so, fill out the REQUEST INFO form and get one step closer to starting your new career as a human resource and payroll coordinator.