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Main Connect News New Year's Resolutions for Success as a Student

New Year's Resolutions for Success as a Student

Thursday, December 10, 2020

New Year’s can be an excellent time to reflect on the year and where you can make improvements in your own life. Read more below about six New Year's resolutions that will make your 2021 as a college student even more memorable.


Set Daily Personal Goals


Sticking to generic New Year's resolutions to improve everything? Why not set personal specific goals for yourself instead? It is common for people to set goals about exercise and meditation to improve their overall health. You could be more efficient and productive at tackling things you need to resolve by setting specific goals related to your own habits in your life.


Save More Money


After the holidays have ended, saving money can seem like it is impossible, but there are ways to budget your finances better and help you save for your future. There are convenient free apps that make financial budgeting seem like a breeze, such as Mint.


Learn Something New From Podcasts


This year you can be more intentional and productive with your time. Podcasts can serve as a great way to learn new and useful information. Learning outside the classroom is encouraged and essential in broadening your knowledge base to impress potential future employers in your job search.


If you are looking to expand your knowledge in your field of study, you can ask your instructor for some podcast recommendations they may have on your industry.


Practice Gratitude


The benefits of practicing gratitude are immense. it’s an incredibly positive and motivating way to start the New Year. You could begin to do gratitude journaling where you write down things that you are grateful for. You can also write a gratitude letter to someone who has been influential in your life.


Create Your Own Cleaning Routine


You can keep your home tidy without feeling like you have to do a deep clean every week. By setting aside things that need to be cleaned every day, every week, every few months, and once a year you can simplify the process. Here's an ultimate cleaning schedule for your day, week, month and year.


Be Kinder to Others


Foster meaningful connections with the people you encounter. Your resolution could be to be kinder to others and more patient with others. This will be especially useful with online learning and overall just reduce stress in your life.