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Main Connect News Meet the Team: Tyelle

Meet the Team: Tyelle

Monday, March 22, 2021

Our employees all have their own unique stories that brought them to work at our college. We interviewed one of our staff members who has been with Reeves College for over nine years. Tyelle started working at Reeves College in January 2013. After moving to Calgary from Edmonton, she wanted to make some new friends. One of her friends worked at Reeves College and told Tyelle about a part-time receptionist position.


The process and motivation

“After having daughter in 2007, my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to move. It has been a lot of hard work to get to where I currently am. I always went above and beyond what was needed in every role I was in.” says Tyelle.


Finding her passion

Tyelle shared that she loves continuous learning to learning new processes, and expanding her knowledge. She also wears many hats in the role as an administrative receptionist, including being involved in mental health workshops to support students with mental health resources and solutions to any problems they are facing.


What do you find rewarding and challenging?

Tyelle finds technical issues such as not being able to navigate through the student portal faced with students challenging to troubleshoot as she assists students over the phone. She is able to stay calm and help troubleshoot issues that students are facing through scheduling virtual meetings to walk through steps with students. Her advice is patience and being understanding.

"The most rewarding part of the job is when a struggling and concerned student was not going to finish successfully graduated and went to pursue a professional career," Tyelle says.

In the future, her goal would be to eventually become a campus director, manages all campus operations and activities.


Staying at Reeves College

Tyelle loves the flexibility that her role allows her to be able to work from home and flexible hours in case she needs to take her daughter to an appointment.

Fun fact: Tyelle, believes in mermaids. "We've only surveyed 20% of the ocean, and they must be out there. One day, I will get my own submarine to find them,” says Tyelle.