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Main Connect News BUSINESS OF THE WEEK: Lê La Vietnamese Restaurant

BUSINESS OF THE WEEK: Lê La Vietnamese Restaurant

Monday, June 28, 2021

About Lê La

From humble beginnings came a dream fulfilled with a family-run business. This week we are honoured to feature Lê La Vietnamese Restaurant as our business of the week, located right in the heart of southern Calgary.


Van Le, the owner of Lê La Vietnamese Restaurant, grew up in the south of Vietnam, in the city of Ho Chi Min. He lived through the Vietnam War with a constant desire to seek out a better life for himself and his family. Van Le and his family eventually moved to Montreal, where he tirelessly worked three different jobs to support his growing family and his dream. During his time in Montreal, working in a restaurant unlocked his true passion for cooking. Shortly after that, his family relocated from Montreal to Calgary.


What We Offer


Van Le's dream finally came true when he and his wife opened a restaurant that created a legacy of their love for food by combining their last names to form Lê La. Their restaurant is proud to be a part of the community with authentic and wholesome Vietnamese cuisine.


They offer a variety of dishes such as spring rolls, salad rolls, rice pancakes, pho, stir-fry, vermicelli bowls, rice meals, Vietnamese subs, and much more. Even better, their menu is designed to cater to everyone with vegetarian and gluten-free options available.



What Makes Us Different


What makes Lê La Vietnamese Restaurant is unique from other Vietnamese restaurants because they prepare all of our sauces, marinades, and broths in-house as nothing is store-bought. This practice continues to this day and they take pride in our original flavours and aromas.


"One interesting fact that we love to share with our customers is that our Pho broths are cooked from scratch daily by Van Le for 7-9 hours. Our recipes are authentically hand-crafted using the best ingredients from the market only, and this shows in his cuisine and art. We continue to strive for excellence every day, and we are excited to share new food features in the future." says Van Le.


Support Local Businesses


Lê La Vietnamese Restaurant has been operating in business for 12 years. Since the pandemic started, it has become challenging to stay afloat. With restrictions still in place, they are still unable to operate business as normal. Unfortunately, their business revenues have decreased by 90%, causing them to lay off staff members since the pandemic started. However, they are super grateful for Calgarians to continue to support their small business during these unprecedented times. They are excited to be able to slowly reopen everything back up soon.


"Lê La Vietnamese Restaurant is in the same complex as Reeves College Calgary South and has come in handy when we are working late or just need a delightful lunch. It is a fantastic restaurant owners, are exceptional hosts." says Penni K., Reeves College Staff


For the next two weeks, you can get 15% on all orders using the code "Reeves". Support local businesses and order online on their website here. https://lelavietnamese.com/


Lê La Vietnamese Restaurant

#4 6624 Centre Street, Calgary, T2H 0C3