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Main Connect News Top 4 Factors to Keep in Mind Before Going Back to School

Top 4 Factors to Keep in Mind Before Going Back to School

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Thinking about going back to school to level up in your career? You are not alone. The advent of COVID-19 and changing times have changed the educational landscape, with many adults considering the idea of going back to school to upskill, pursue their career dreams, or just to learn new things!


If you are a mature student thinking about getting a degree/certification has crossed your mind recently, this blog is for you.


Here are four factors to consider if you are thinking about going back to school:


Do you have time?

Time constraints are often the top factor for adults considering returning to school. The degree or certification that you decide to pursue will depend on the time you are willing to take out from your daily schedule. Reeves College offers flexible, accelerated programs to prepare you to (re-)enter the job market as swiftly as possible.



Will this give a boost to your career dreams?

Will the program you are thinking about pursuing help you achieve your career goals? A good understanding of the curriculum can go a long way in finding out whether the program will benefit you professionally. You can get in touch with Reeves College representatives to find out how your chosen program helped alumni succeed in their career trajectory.



Will you be eligible for financial aid?

Affordability is a very important factor to consider when thinking about going back to school. If you are currently employed, you may want to check with your employer to see if they will cover part of your study expenses. At Reeves College, you can check out the financial options/financial options available to fund your education or apply for a scholarship/scholarship, if eligible.



How to choose the right college? 

It's important to do research when looking at the right institution to pursue your education. A four-year degree is not the only option. Career Colleges that offer accelerated learning should be the priority for individuals seeking fast-track education for career-ready skills. Industry-seasoned instructors can bring real-life experience to the classroom.



Reeves College has campuses across Alberta and is one of the premier educational institutes for post-secondary education and diplomas that satisfy both of these criteria. You can complete your education in as little as a year, with many programs offering workplace experience placements as well!