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February 2022 Calgary North Newsletter

It is February, and Reeves College has a number of amazing events and fundraisers lined up for you this month! 

Celebrate Valentine's Day with us and spread love in our Candy Gram Fundraiser and Pink Shirt Day!


National Pizza Day
February 9, 2022

What are your favorite toppings on a Pizza? Pineapple or no pineapple? Small or extra large? No wrong answers in the world of Pizza! Check out our favorite toppings here

Family Day
February 21, 2022

Take time out for your precious family members this Family Day. Learn a new skill together, go for an outdoor adventure, or bake cookies together. Enjoy this day with your special loved ones. 

Reeves North Open House Workshop Series
March 16, 2022

This 4-part workshop series event will be running weekly for 4 Wednesdays starting on February 16th. Career Planning & Transition - Workshop Series What you need to know and how to get there Each week is Wednesday: 3pm – 7pm

Student Council Meeting
February 10, 2022

If you are interested in attending this event, please email us at 472Studentservices@reevescollege.ca

Quest for the Golden Giraffe
February 19, 2022

Calgary Zoo has a Family Day adventure planned with the Quest for the Golden Giraffe! QUEST is a game series that puts you inside a story — where you choose what happens next. 


Sabrina Z

Sabrina is the perfect example of a student with an excellent attitude and drive to succeed! She has perfect attendance and outstanding grades. Congratulations Sabrina!

Black History Month

Black History Month - February and forever. Celebrate a more diverse and inclusive community by honouring Black Canadians this month and every month. Learn more about influential black Canadians whose impact shaped history here

World Cancer Day

This World Cancer Day, helps us all raise awareness about cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. It's a day for us all to come together and remember those who battle cancer and to take action for a cancer-free future. 

Pink Shirt Day

This Pink Shirt Day, it's all about spreading kindness and being there for each other. Rock your pink shirts on February 23rd to stand up against bullying. Support our initiative virtually by using our Instagram filter, and put in your bit to end bullying now! 

Stay Productive & Innovative!

Stay motivated by using our top 5 apps for productivity. In this blog post, we help you minimize distraction and maximize innovation as you continue along your academic journey.

Candygrams for Valentines Day

This Valentine's Day spread love, kindnessn and candy. From February 9-28, we are hosting a Candy Gram fundraiser at our Calgary Campuses. Help us support Youth HQ in a drive to raise $1,200 for youth services in the Red Deer Community.