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August 2019 Lethbridge Newsletter

Summer is here and we can definitely feel it. Lethbridge summer is always very hot and dry. Kudos to all of our students who trek on through the heat for class each and every day!


Creamsicle Day
August 14, 2019

To help fight the heat of summer, please join us for a tasty cool treat!

Tell a Joke Day
August 16, 2019

Make us laugh and win a prize! 

Parade Day
August 20, 2019

More details to follow!

Bow Tie Day
August 28, 2019

Have a classy or tacky bow tie at home, wear it to class and show it off! Prizes for the best ones!


Free Food in the Foyer

We have decided to bring back a popular idea from our old home and make it a regular occurrence at our new home. Now, every third Thursday of the month will be Free Food in the Foyer day. What will be served will always be a pleasant surprise.

Beat the Heat!

August is always a struggle for all of us here in Lethridge with our high thirty degree weather this time of year. To all students who feel like they are melting everytime they go outside, remember that autumn and cooler weather is just around the corner!