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July 2019 Lethbridge Newsletter

Summer is now here. Feels like we haven't seen it for about a year  - LOL. Student's are still working hard on their courses, but make sure you take the time to enjoy the sunlight before Lethbridge shows us it's cold winter.


Free food in the foyer
July 18, 2019

We have decided to bring back a popular idea from our old home and make it a regular occurance at our new home. Now, evey third Thursday of the month will be Free Food in the Foyer day. What will be servied will always be a pleasent surprise.


National Workshop day

On August 22nd Reeves will be holding our National Workshop Day. Please join us and bring a friend so they can see what we have to offer here at Reeves, and of course the snacks!

Summer is finally here

Sunshine is something Lethbridge gives us plenty of, as well as 30 degree heat. But summer still brings out the kid in all of us. Make sure you take the time to raise your head out of your text book and enjoy the season while it's still here!