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February 2020 Lethbridge Newsletter

February 26th - Pink Shirt Day

Remember kindness and to express kindness to one another. This year, we ask that you LIFT EACH OTHER UP with Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, February 26! Purchase a pink T-shirt* at the Reception Desk otherwise see Maria or Penni.  Support anti-bullying initiatives at our Lethbridge campus, and let's show kindness together. All proceeds go to the CKNW Kids' Fund.

*The cost is $5 per Pink Shirt



Fat Thursday! Donuts will be served
February 20, 2020

We all need that one day of excuse to load up on sweet treats and indulge to the next level. Fat Thursday is that day. We will be celebrating with dough related gilt-edge, guilt free dounuts. A sweet sugar-coated treat is worth every hard work.

Pink Shirt Day
February 26, 2020

Mark your calendar and join us in lifting each other up in February 26th, 2020. 

It's less than a Week until Pink Shirt Day! Let us show kindness by supporting the anti-bullying initiative and let us stand as one.


Clothing Exchange for all students and staffs

Set up on Feb 10th. Take down and donate the left overs on the 28th. Every student is encouraged to bring at least 3 items of clothing that they no longer wear, be in good condition and ready to be won. Clothes will be set up on tables for anyone.

Family Day and Random acts of Kindness day

February 17th is our Family day. Use this holiday to relax with your family and parhaps perform a few Random Acts of Kindness in the neighbourhood. No School!