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Business and Digital Marketing Management

Get the up-to-date training and hands-on experience you need to launch your business career. The Business and Digital Marketing Management diploma program will provide you with the latest skills in social media, web, and digital marketing. Combine that with a foundation in traditional business skills such as writing and project management, and you'll be prepared to take on an entry role in business management or even launch and run your own business.

This program will help you to keep up with the rapid rise of digital media communication, which has transformed marketing, promotion, and sales. In less than a year, you'll learn how to deliver effective e-media marketing campaigns and gain an understanding of the latest digital and social media marketing tools and analytics. You'll also get to put your new skills and knowledge to use through a practicum placement in a real-world business environment.

This program is 41 weeks in length.
  • Office Administrator/Coordinator/Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Marketing Assistant

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Program Courses
SSS4 / Student Success Strategies
Students will gain a better understanding of themselves through an exploration of their personal attributes, transferable skills and learning styles. This course will introduce techniques for time, conflict, and stress management and develop interpersonal communication skills. Fundamental study and motivation skills will be covered, preparing students to excel in their program of choice. Students will also prepare a professional resume and learn how to write effective cover letters.
MSWE / Microsoft Word & Excel

This course presents an introductory look at the Microsoft Office 2016 productivity applications Word, Excel and the Windows environment in which they run. It covers the fundamentals of organizing files and folders, of drafting business documents and of reporting data in spreadsheets. This course relies entirely on practical hands-on activities that allow you to learn the concepts by practicing them on a regular basis and obtaining feedback immediately. 

BMTH / Business Math

An introduction to the fundamental principles and concepts of business mathematics. Students will be shown how to apply these principles and concepts to solve practical business problems in regards to marketing and finance. 

BESOA / Business Essentials

This module explores a variety of topics in business organization, operations and management. The history of business in Canada and major forms of business ownership are discussed. Students learn about planning and organizing the structure a business enterprise, managing and maintaining its operations. The concepts of quality and productivity are introduced. The use of the latest information systems and communication technology in conducting business is also covered. 

AFA4 / Accounting Fundamentals I

This course is an introduction to the fundamental principles and practices of accounting as a device for reporting business activity. It provides the student with an understanding of the underlying theory and principles of accounting. The construction of financial statements as they evolve from business transactions and records is emphasized using the rules of double-entry bookkeeping. In addition, adjusting journal entries and everyday transactions for both service and retail businesses are recorded coupled with the preparation of basic financial statements.

CAA4A / Computerized Accounting I

Students transfer their knowledge from Accounting Fundamentals to learn how to apply these concepts in a computerized environment using Simply Accounting. Some topics covered in this module include setting up a computerized accounting system, computerized journals and ledgers, income statements and balance sheets, as well as customer accounts.

ENT4A / Entrepreneurship

A business plan is critical business venture. Students will assess a proposed business idea, identify business risks and develop strategies designed to maximize the opportunity for a successful venture.

HRE4 / Human Resources
Employees are the most valuable asset of a business and all aspects from hiring to performance appraisal are examined utilizing the case study approach.
IMISY / Introduction to Management Information Systems
Information and data are the fuel that drive businesses today. Managing, protecting, accessing, and analyzing information in a timely manner is the cornerstone of a company’s decision making processes leading to intelligent business decisions. This course provides an overview of the various information systems that are essential parts of business processes in today’s global business landscape. The course starts with an exploration of general information systems and resources such as computer systems, database systems, data warehousing, and the personal, legal, and ethical issues that surround information systems. Students will learn about the various systems that support data communication, e-commerce, cloud computing, and global information systems in a connected world. Finally, the course will explore enterprise level management information systems that support an organization’s various activities.
MNGMT / Fundamentals of Management
This course aims to build upon the student’s fundamental knowledge of business in general with a particular focus on management. Students will explore the management skills that are essential in today’s business environments. Students will explore the role of management in areas of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling processes. The course will explore topics in management in small, medium, and large enterprises, planning and strategic management, operations management, human resources management, leadership, motivating employees, working with groups and teams, and managing innovation and change.
STWBD / Strategic Web Design
In this course students will be able to create a search engine-friendly website. Students will be introduced to the website planning process, and discover the web design tools, principles, and strategies that will allow them to design create and publish a fully functional web site. Students will become familiar with web hosting principles and integrate social media effectively on their websites. Topics include publishing fundamentals, graphic design principles and the creative aspect of web design, website security and analytics, Integration of e-commerce components such as shopping carts, Customer Relationship Management, and loyalty programs. Finally, students will learn to integrate multimedia, online advertising, and streaming channels to their websites.
DGMKF / Digital Marketing Fundamentals
In this course students will learn the key concepts of digital marketing. The course will explore the importance of branding, audience reach and demographics in the marketing strategies. Students will learn how to utilize analytics and the importance of goals as part of the marketing processes. The course will explore the importance of domain names, keywords, and how to leverage Search Engine Optimization strategies. Pay Per Click, Online marketing, email marketing, and budgeting are also discussed within the context of this course.
SMMKS / Social Media Marketing Strategies
After completing this course, students will be well-versed in how to use the right social media platform(s) and how to best utilize the features offered by each platform to enable them to help corporations to reach their target audience and achieve their goals. Seven channels are examined in-depth: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, and Pinterest. For each of the channels, the course will explore the following aspects: the channel’s history, the user’s experience, the business’ experience, advertising, running a targeted campaign, and analytics.
PMG4 / Project Management

Project Management has become essential in all areas of modern organizations. This course will develop the core set of technical and managerial skills needed to successfully perform all the steps needed in managing a project. The objective of this course is to explore both the technical and social components of project management. The course introduces students to the fundamentals of project management as well as provides an opportunity to apply these fundamentals in the analysis of case examples and in-depth exploration of project management issues. As such, the course provides an equal blend of lecturebased and experiential learning opportunities. 

B1075R / Customer Relations and Interpersonal Skills

In business, as in other interpersonal contact, the impression formed in the first 10 to 15 seconds is crucial to the success of the relationship. The importance of the customer and of customer relations to business success is examined through case studies and role-playing. Students will learn relevant theories of human behaviour and how they may be applied to improve customer relations.

BLAO / Business Law

This course examines the role and application of law in Canadian Business. It provides a comprehensive overview and explanation of legal concepts and issues in typical business settings. Some of the major topics covered in the course include dispute resolution, torts, contracts, employment law, laws related to common forms of business ownership, property and commercial transactions. The legal implications of using information technology and the Internet are also explored. Many examples of real-life situations are discussed to illustrate the application of theory in practice.

CES4 / Career and Employment Strategies

This course builds on the skills learned in the Student Success Strategies course or its equivalent. It provides information on how to use the communication skills learned in order to make a successful presentation to a prospective employer. Students also learn how to uncover the hidden job market and identify employment opportunities. Self-assessment during this course allows students to identify their personal skills that are transferable to the workplace and to describe these skills to a prospective employer. Students may be videotaped during a mock interview and will participate in the analysis of their performance in the “interview”.

PRAC110 / Practicum

Students will be placed in actual work places related to their field of study and will be expected to act as a regular employee in order to gain the valuable real world experience that so many employers seek. Students are encouraged to find their own work experience placement; however, once placed, continuation in that placement is mandatory.

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