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Main Connect News Administrative Professionals are the Backbone of any Office

Administrative Professionals are the Backbone of any Office

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Modern offices rely on Administrators to provide support for executives and to ensure the whole office functions efficiently... Modern offices rely on Administrators to provide support for executives and to ensure the whole office functions efficiently. Office Administrators are crucial members of an office team and most executives consider them to be "the backbone of the office."

Because almost every business office requires administrative support, there are many employment opportunities for Administrators in Alberta. The province's strong economy and low unemployment rate have created an advantageous and lucrative period for job seekers. It's an employee's marketplace and there are more positions available than there are people to fill them.

Generally, Administrators are responsible for completing diverse and complex tasks while managing the efficient day to day operations of modern corporate offices. Therefore, employers usually need them to be highly skilled jacks-of-all-trades. Proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite and basic accounting programs is expected. The successful administrator also needs to follow the changing software trends and adapt accordingly.

Additionally, employers need Administrators with good soft skills. Communication, interpersonal skills and strong customer service abilities consistently rank among the top desired traits that employers look for.

Most of all, an administrator must be organized.

"If you don't have strong organizational skills, you are going to sink," says Melanie Meier Brayton, an experienced Executive Assistant and Office Manager. "You have to keep yourself and all of the people around you organized."

Quite often, an office administrator has to be flexible and adaptable. Day to day tasks change frequently. "You have to multi-task," laughs Meier Brayton when asked about her daily schedule. "It's always different. Things come up which you don't really expect."

A wage survey conducted by job site reveals that Administrators in the Edmonton area earn salaries from $33,002 - $42,634 annually, with the median salary being $37,044 annually. According to Alberta Learning Information Service Occupation Profiles, this career field will grow by 1.5 to 2.5 per cent annually for the next five years. And while turnover in this field is quite low, additional growth is expected as members of the baby boom generation retire over the next five to ten years.


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