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Trends in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Budget concious guests dictate top hospitality trends for 2010

Edmonton. AB - April 7, 2010 - According to the 2010 Trend Watch List, a report released by leading hospitality consulting firm, Andrew Freeman & Co. (AF&Co.), the top trends in hotel management reflect shifts in the travel and tourism industry to optimize value for the budget-minded traveller. Here are a few hospitality trends that are proving popular.

Guests Come First: Highly personal and tailored guest service is the latest trend for up-market hotels including customized playlists and magazine selections.

Streamlined Technology: Touch-screen kiosks for automated check-in at the swipe of a card are gaining in popularity in the hospitality industry.

The VIP Touch: Visiting celebrities spice up services from yoga and massage to bartending and bring the reality TV element to the hotel stay.

Hotel Add-ons: Guest freebies can include bottled water, DVD rentals, bicycle rentals, and free pizza during happy hour, and they're a great way to keep hotel guests onsite.

Original Day Trips: The most sought-after hotels offer excursions such as farm tours, winery programs, and volun-tourism opportunities to their guests.

Outdoor Emphasis: From rooftop gardens, to fresh-air atriums and outdoor fitness and spa treatments, hotels are being re-engineered to allow more fresh air and open space experiences.

Informal Lobbies: Savvy hotel management teams are foregoing the stuffy and formal for games and activities you'd find in an arcade or bar. Happy guests are treated to pinball, pool tables, and foosball at some of the more popular hotels.

Creative Cocktails: Bartending goes beyond the basics to include foam art, flavoured water (hibiscus, rosewater, cucumber), beer cocktails and spiked shakes. Wine is also the new beer: red, white and rosé house wines are more regularly going on tap.

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