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Accounting Careers for Business Grads

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jobs available for Accounting and Payroll grads in a variety of settings

Edmonton, BC - May 14, 2010 - Graduates of the Accounting and Payroll Administrator diploma program at Reeves College are prepared through accounting courses for a number of accounting careers. If you'd like to know how to become an accountant, Reeves can help. Take a look at the many job opportunities that lie ahead.

Tax Accounting

A tax accountant helps either a firm or an individual file an income tax return or plan their taxes. They must be familiar with tax policy rules and regulations, which students learn through accounting courses in their business college program.

Management Accounting

Accountants who specialize in this type of accounting are also known as private, corporate, or industrial accountants. They organize and prepare financial statements, keep track of company costs, take care of tax issues, perform internal audits, and work on all international transactions. The scope and responsibilities of this field of accounting vary greatly depending on the level of the position and the size of the company.

Financial Accounting

Financial accountants make analytical observations that will influence a company's investment and credit decisions.

Public Accounting

Public accountants offer their skills and services to corporations, non-profit organizations, governments, churches and individuals. Their responsibilities include taxation, auditing, bookkeeping, consulting, account management and financial analysis.

Government Accounting

Government accountants work either at the provincial or federal level, putting together and managing the budgets, analyzing programs, keeping track of government costs, and ensuring all revenues and expenditures are in accordance with the law. Government accounting is different from other types of accounting because it is service based, not profit based.

Educational Accounting

In this field, accountants are hired as professors or researchers to teach accounting courses  to students, which include principles and concepts. Subjects can include financial accounting, taxation, auditing, management services and information systems.

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