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Catering to the Corporate Traveler

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hospitality training prepares students to work with business travelers

Edmonton, AB - June 1, 2010 - If you're looking for a niche as a trip planner, consider the needs of corporate travelers.

Corporate Travelers

All too often, travelers on business find themselves with too little time to sightsee or shop for souvenirs for loved ones back home. At a loss to find shopping outlets beyond the airport and hotel room, the corporate traveler can find life on the road a straight line between business and crashing on the hotel bed, only to find after-hours venues limited to the immediate vicinity of lodging, the hotel bar/eatery or the playlist of movies available in the hotel room.

Getting to Know the Client

Savvy trip planners can make a difference in suggesting where travelers can spend their non-business hours. Along with finding out about preferences for airline seating, fare classes, hotel rooms and rental cars, take the time to learn about your client's extra-curricular activities and hobbies. A bit of research on your end can provide a wealth of information your client will appreciate.

Business Traveling

Business travelers won't want to stray too far or too long from their hotel room (which is turned into the office-away-from-the-office) but they may incorporate a jog at a safe and scenic route, a stop at an office supply store, or a round of golf. Business travelers on their own in a new city appreciate knowing where they can meet other entrepreneurs or business professionals.

Unique Hospitality Offerings

At the Residence Inn Northwest in Indianapolis, an extended-stay facility, guests are invited to an outdoor barbecue once a week, and an evening social hour every night. Hospitality courses will help students to plan and execute events like these at any establishment they choose to work.

With the right training, hospitality and tourism professionals will be able to leave a lasting impression on their corporate clients that will keep them coming back for advice on every trip.

Enter the exciting world of hospitality with the Hospitality diploma program at Reeves College!