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Main Connect News Corporate Law and the Legal Assistant

Corporate Law and the Legal Assistant

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Legal administrative assistants can work in a number of legal settings including corporate law

Lethbridge, AB - June 8, 2010 - One field of law that legal assistants may become involved in is corporate law. Corporate attorneys generally assist businesses in affairs that are consistent with the law and their legal assistants become familiar with related duties.

The types of matters and cases that are involved in corporate law may include the following:

Business organization: Legal assistants may aide the attorney in preparing documents for setting up and maintaining the actual business. This may include preparation of the initial articles of incorporation and bylaws. It could also include corporate reorganization under federal bankruptcy law provisions.

Contracts: Attorneys generally prepare, review and conduct contractual matters for the organization.

Intellectual property:  Attorneys assist businesses with maintaining possession and rights of intellectual property which may include copyrights, trademarks, patents, design rights and trade secrets.

Legislative compliance:  Businesses require attorneys and their legal administrative assistants to regulate and monitor compliance with many federal and provincial agencies.

Liability and Employment Matters:  Involves regulating liability and responsibility of the corporation or business and may also an attorney for employment and employee issues.

Securities Law:  Specialized attorneys work with the formation and financing of corporations with securities such as stock and mergers and acquisitions.

Legal assistants that are employed or interested in becoming employed with a law office that practices corporate law will work with these types of matters, as well as others. It is possible for a law office to practice many types of law, and it would depend on the type the attorney specializes in. Becoming familiar with corporate law also allows employment in other venues as well.

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